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Dear Ruslan, As with last year we had another great year with our exchange students and we look forward to working with you again for the summer of 2009. We will keep in touch and update you on our needs for next year. Thanks again.
Kim, employer/Food concessions
I have arrived to Saratoga and was welcomed very nicely. A start working since the 17th I believe. The plane from Chicago was canceled and we students had to wait for about a day or so. So I'm fine and like the place very much.
Ivan, student/Bed and Breakfast
Saratoga Springs, NY
Hay! Just wanted to let you know we're fine and are having a great time. We arrived safely! Ed is the best!!!
Ines, student/Hotel
Wildwood, NJ
Hello, Ruslan! I am fine. I am with all other guys in Akron already. It s all right.
Dmitry, student/Amusement company
Akron, Ohio
Hello! I know it's been long since you sent this message, but I simply forgot all about it. I' very sorry! Anyway, my summer was the best summer ever, I had the time of my life! Ed is the greatest person ever and I don't think I'll meet someone like him anymore, he's too unique! Thank you for everything, especially for this e-mail which shows that you care! THANK YOU once again!!! If you want to know something, just ask me, I'll be more than glad to tell you :) Your's sincerely!
Ines, student/Hotel
Wildwood, NJ
America is a great country!
Pavel, student/Restaurant

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