Seasonal Employee recruitment for Country Inns and Suites will help you to hire seasonal employees

Running your own business is always a big deal. Success in business depends on many things, and reliable staff is one of them. Whether you are running a hotel or a restaurant, sooner or later the time comes to engage employees: hosts, waiters, drivers, dishwashers etc. The people you hire interact with customers, represent your company, and project its image. No doubt every business owner would prefer qualified staff, to make the services qualitative and attractive for clients. Accomplishment or headache – which would you prefer? The answer is clear. Everyone wishes to work in a team of dependable people who enjoy working, and of course you will do your best to choose good workers from among applicants, but how to select suitable seasonal employees?

From now on, that won’t be a problem. is an agency that can perform the task of selecting reliable workers. We can offer international employees who possess various skills according to your needs, such as housekeeping, maintenance, front desk and others.

The sort of workers we can offer

Holiday season is a busy time for the majority of business organizations. This boost in activity requires them to look for additional staff; cultured, well presented and hardworking employees to work with clients. The best choice has always been the recruitment of students. These are dynamic, flexible individuals with initiative who easily connect with customers. Our agency offers high school students who arrive in the USA on the J1 Visa - Work&Travel Program. Our applicants are young, enthusiastic and well motivated. All of them speak English. We guarantee a complete screening process to meet your needs.


Engaging seasonal employees is a responsible task. Our specialists are very well aware of the fact that these people will represent your company’s image. That’s why we take care to identify potentially unsuitable applicants, and pay particular attention to job seekers’ motivation. We’ve made the search for new employees easier, and can offer you a convenient service that will relieve your company of several administration and management tasks. Fill in the On-Line Employer Registration Form and then leave the rest to us. We hope that can make itself useful for your business’s success!
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