Dude Ranches, Guest Ranches, and Seasonal Hiring

Though there are guest ranches which welcome visitors all year round, many traditional ranch destinations are open in summer only. This means that as more visitors come during the summer months, and consequently more staff is required to serve the needs of nostalgic-minded tourists. Recruit foreign exchange students as seasonal employees and fill your seasonal entry level positions with smart, hard-working, result-committed young people from abroad.

Your dude ranch can benefit from international seasonal workers who are capable of doing a variety of jobs, including dishwashing, maintenance, kitchen staff, office work, or whatever else you need done during the hot summer months.

Jobofer.org will make the entire process as easy and hassle-free as possible, selecting appropriate candidates, submitting their documents for you to review, and settling the paperwork. It is all completely free to you as the employer. Continue reading this page to get the list of dude ranch and guest ranch job positions which are typically filled with international students who come to the US for 4 months under the J1 visa and the Work And Travel USA program.

Entry level job positions for dude ranches

Jobofer.org has years of experience in matching interested guest ranch owners with international exchange students willing to live and work in the heart of the glorious American West. Here are the typical jobs:

What happens when you use seasonal employment for your ranch?

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