Seasonal Staffing for the Retail Industry

Seasonal staffing is a great solution for retail industry where seasonal factors make employers seek extra workers. Higher customer demand during the busy months and staff being on vacation are among the reasons retail businesses like supermarkets, discount stores, apparel stores etc contact to have their summer vacancies filled. International students seeking seasonal jobs are energetic, good at communication, and they speak good English.

This makes them perfect candidates for the retail industry, and it allows business owners optimize their taxes and enrich their working environment. is perfectly familiar with the needs stores and retail businesses experience during the summer months.

Hiring international exchange students participating in the Work And Travel USA program and the J1 Visa is now absolutely easy for your firm. You inform us about your needs, we select and submit the applications for you to consider, and we do the rest of the hiring procedure for you. You as an employer don't pay anything. Also, we got a list of typical retail industry positions so that you can check them and compare to your own needs.

Entry level job positions for the retail industry

All kinds of stores and trade enterprises benefit from seasonal staffing assisted by Most likely, your store can benefit, too! Below we located a list of job positions we find typical for the retail industry:

What happens when you use seasonal employment for your store?

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