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from 06/01/2019 to 09/15/2019
Marital status:
Degree Type: Bachelor’s Degree
Time: 09/01/2017 to 06/20/2021
Expected graduation time: 06/20/2021
School: Yibin University
School address: No. 8 Jiusheng Road, Wuliangye Avenue, Yibin City, Sichuan Province
Field of Study: English
Time: 2018-07 to 2018-09
Position/Profession: Ticket Seller
Company Name: Water World of Hardware City, South Sichuan Province
Company address: Beside 305 Provincial Highway of Ziliujing District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province
Job Description: I start selling tickets at midday and leave work at about 9 p.m everyday. Sometimes I help my boss sell swimsuits, swimming trunks, swimming rings, etc.
Time: 2017-07 to 2017-09
Position/Profession: Waitress
Company Name: Country style cooking(CSC)
Company address: LG Layer, Rhine Spring Shopping Center, No. 4 Hang tianzhong street, Cuiping District, Yibin City
Job Description: I'm in charge of ordering and settle accounts. Sometimes I pass dishes on.
Time: 2018-01 to 2018-02
Position/Profession: Salesgirl
Company Name: Store in Xingyuan Housing estate
Company address: Xingyuan Housing estate, Jiangnan West Road, Baogang Avenue, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
Job Description: Because my mother is the owner of the store, I often go there on holidays to work as a salesman to earn pocket money.

Overseas & Volunteer Experience

Type: Volunteer activities
Time: 2018/10 to 2018/10
Organization name: Eighth Minority Art Festival of Sichuan
Organization Address: Some hotels and Jiudu Theatre in Yibin
Description: I am responsible for serving the leaders or guests throughout the activities.
Type: Volunteer activities
Time: 2018/09 to 2018/09
Organization name: The 2200th Anniversary of Yibin City
Organization Address: Yibin Stadium
Description: I am responsible for guiding the leaders and guests to enter and sit in the activity venue.
Chinese : Native Language

English : Advanced
I can use basic office software adroitly.
My leisure time is filled with singing and photographing,which I am obsessed with. Besides, I also get crazy about traveling, for during my travel I can not only enjoy the picturesque landscape, but also experience the lifestyles different from the place where I grew up, and feel the charm of different cultures and customs. Sometimes I like to run or play badminton with my friends.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Liu Yang. I am a sophomore at Yibin University majoring in English. I would categorize myself as an outgoing, hardworking, and studious individual.
As previously stated, I am a studious individual. I have passed the CET 4 and I am preparing for the TEM4. Throuth my study, I learned how to use some basic office software proficiently, such as WPS. At school, I often volunteer in various activities and competitions, such as the celebration of Yibin 2200th anniversary, which promotes my service capacity and team spirit. While also focusing on my studies, I also manage to balance my working life. I have had several part-time jobs such as: water park ticket seller and restaurant waitress, which taught me diligence, respect and order. What I am proud of is that my proper proposals. For example,I suggested a discount based on the customer's game results and other promotional activities such as Saturday privileges, which make more and more customers. Also, my boss always praises my excellent service attitude. Anymore I have worked in my family’s shop since I was a child, training my communication skills and improving my math skills.
​ Even though I am still learning English, and bettering myself daily. I still consider myself as a strong candidate. I am a determined and open minded individual, who would love the possibility to expand my education.
I would like to have the opportunity to expand my English language ability, and I believe taking part in this program will benefit me in a multitude of ways.Learning English has given me the ability to speak with foreigners, and learn more about American culture. I pride myself on taking the initiative to apply for this program. Being able to travel to America, and experience native life will help me understand, and learn English from a perspective my textbook cannot teach. The United States is a cultural melting pot, having the ability to participate in this program I will be able to meet new people, practice English, and exchange cultures. Therefore I hope to join your excellent and friendly team. If you give me the chance, I would appreciate it very much, and try my best to work. I believe that through my continuous learning I can be competent for this job.
​Please don’t hesitate to contract my agency if you have any problem about myself introduce.Thank you for your time and consideration.
Yang Liu
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