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from 06/20/2019 to 09/20/2019
Marital status:
Degree Type: Bachelor’s Degree
Time: 09/06/2017 to 09/06/2021
Expected graduation time: 09/06/2021
School: YiBin University
School address: No.8, jiusheng road, wuliangye avenue, cuiping district, yibin city, sichuan province
Field of Study: English
Time: 2017-05 to 2017-06
Position/Profession: Commodity saler
Company Name: Wine city park
Company address: No. 4, chunjingxia road, jiangyang district, luzhou city, sichuan province
Job Description: 1. Provide customers with product explanation and introduction of the park card system; 2. Participated in the preparation of sales activity plans, monthly sales plans and effective implementation; 3. Regularly attend meetings and training, and complete other work such as sales report;
Time: 2017-08 to 2017-08
Position/Profession: Children's shoes saler
Company Name: Shangyi children's city
Company address: Middle section of yinghui road, jiangyang district, luzhou city, sichuan province
Job Description: 1. Be responsible for receiving customers 2. Introduce the style and size of children's shoes 3. Participate in sales channel discussion 4. Receive foreign manufacturers
Time: 2018-06 to 2018-08
Position/Profession: English teacher
Company Name: Bleum education
Company address: Construction intersection in baixi town, yibin city, sichuan province
Job Description: 1. Teach children the methods of learning, and let them know how to learn effectively and understand the starting point of problem solving 2. Develop children's interest in learning and consolidate their weak points so as to improve their English scores. 3. Let children learn to arrange their study and life in a planned way, and establish a relationship of mutual trust and interaction.
Time: 2018-09 to 2018-10
Position/Profession: Waiter
Company Name: Spicy hotpot restaurant space
Company address: Sichuan lugu road no. 8
Job Description: 1, check; In work clothes, assist carrying food and other food raw materials; Taking out the trash 2, cleaning, cleaning oil, polished desktop, squat down to wipe the table 3, alignment, are desks and chairs 4, put vinegar, chili sauce, or chives flower sauce, tomato sauce, sweet bean sauce 5, tableware, check and correct 6 health, personal wash clean
Time: 2017-03 to 2017-05
Position/Profession: receptionist
Company Name: Xinhua hotel
Company address: In the western garden road 17
Job Description: 1. Accept telephone, fax, Internet and other different forms of reservation, the reservation information into the computer and conveyed to related departments and posts; 2. Handle pre-order from the sales or other departments; 3. Timely according to the predetermined change work standards and procedures, data processing such as cancelled; 4. The examination and verification on the day and the next day, arrives at the hotel booking information to be prepared for booking; 5. Arrange for guest check-in registration, room, as far as possible meet the reasonable requirements of the guests; 6. Go through the formalities of the change rooms, extra bed stay for the guest; 7. Responsible for storage, production and delivery room key card; 8. In accordance with the provisions, complete, input and statistics at the individual and team registration form; 9. The front desk clean and tidy, check the required forms, stationery and propaganda materials is complete, and report the foreground foreman; 10. Guests should be carefully checked on a flight into the computer information, timely and accurate input duty guest data; 11. Be careful to do a good job of succession, to guarantee the continuity of the work;
Time: 2017-01 to 2017-02
Position/Profession: cashier
Company Name: Luzhou beauty degree of retail stores
Company address: While luzhou jiangyang water ditch commercial pedestrian street department store clock zone
Job Description: 1. Observe the cashier service specifications, service according to specification 2. Skilled operating charge system and other related equipment. 3. The cashier shift changes must be 2 people counted at the same time, the composition, working capital, completes the daily stock account registration in detail, the cashier cash if there are any errors will be borne by the cashier personal economic responsibility. The cashier twenty minutes to work ahead of time for handover. 4. The cashier cash can only be charged by designated management personnel, any other person to do cash withdrawal, not for any reason if you have the above situation happened, all the responsibility borne by the cashier. 5. In addition to the cashier, technicians, supervisors in other other people are not allowed to enter the checkout counter. 6. Receiving payment request clear articulation, remind guests spot balance, it is strictly prohibited and cast "fell, rejection, is still" balance to customers. 7. Responsible for chassis small key management


Name of the Project: Uganda friendship project
Time: 2018/04 to 2018/07
Technology used: We will use the platform of yibin college to carry out friendly and cooperative projects in Uganda and China. Conduct language exchange, cultural exchange and economic exchange.
Content: Be responsible for primary school English teaching as an English teacher. The main work is lesson preparation, lecture, grading. Besides, I also communicate with them about learning problems and their attitudes and opinions on learning.
My part: English dialogue translation and Chinese teaching
Overseas & Volunteer Experience

Type: Volunteer activities
Time: 2017/09 to 2017/09
Organization name: International wine festival
Organization Address: Yi Bin
Description: Yibin held the investment promotion and cooperation project of the 2017 China international wine and culture festival with the theme of "opening up new starting point and sharing new opportunities", which required certain English volunteers as t
Type: Volunteer activities
Time: 2018/08 to 2018/08
Organization name: 2018 China robot competition
Organization Address: Yi Bin
Description: This competition will further strengthen scientific and technological exchanges, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enhance enterprises' scientific and technological innovation capacity, and build a new pattern
Chinese: Native Language

English: Advanced
I am familiar with documentation, Excel forms and basic computer skills. However, I am not familiar with some professional skills, but I have the motivation to learn, as long as it is through learning, I can master. Besides, I have good language communication ability, which is suitable for communicating with others.
I am found of dancing, obtained the highest level certificate of national dance. And in the work, I work hard at learning, open-minded, studious, interested in the professional knowledge, cheerful, good at communication, good at thinking and analysis
Dear leaders:
My name is xiewenting, from luzhou, sichuan province, majoring in English. I am also fortunate to know a lot of knowledgeable, experienced and hard-working people. This time, as an overseas intern, I think I will have some advantages in terms of language ability and can fully use my professional knowledge. I think the significance of internship is more about learning from others and learning from colleagues in overseas companies. In this aspect, which is exactly my strength.
I have done a lot of work related to this overseas training, such as hotel front desk staff, supermarket cashiers and restaurant staff, so I think I have more experience in service and sales than my peers. At the same time, I have a good foundation in English, so I think I can respond better when the guests need service and I need this job to promote my career. I also worked as an intern in a foreign trade company. I have social work experience. I have done insurance sales before, so I have some experience in sales.
In addition, I have some experience in good customer service. I also think attitude is the principle I follow. I believe that as long as we provide every detail of customer service underground, we will have a good performance.
For two years in university, I served as the class organizing committee and vice-minister of the student association. I worked hard, was modest and eager to learn, was interested in professional knowledge, had a bright personality, was good at communication, was good at thinking and analysis, had a certain ability to use professional knowledge, and won a university scholarship. I won the second prize of the 2017 Foreign Research Association Cup English Writing Competition, the first prize of the Excellent Volunteer Certificate and the first prize of the Oral English Competition.
If you are interested in hiring me, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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