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from 07/04/2020 to 09/30/2019
Marital status:
Degree Type:Bachelor’s Degree
Time:09/01/2018 to 06/01/2022
Expected graduation time:06/01/2022
School:Yibin University
School address:No. 8 Jiusheng Road, Cuiping District, Yibin City, Sichuan Province
Field of Study:english
Time:2019-06 to 2019-09
Position/Profession:hotel staff
Company Name:Wenchang hotel
Company address:No.13 Yuecheng Town, Yuexi County, Sichuan Province
Job Description:My main job is to sell snacks in the hotel

Time:2018-06 to 2018-09
Position/Profession:restaurant staff
Company Name:yixiangke restaurant
Company address:No. 8 Wenhua Road, Yuecheng Town, Yuexi County, Sichuan Province
Job Description:My main job is making fried chicken
Comprehension Skills:75
Ability to express speaking:63
Ability to express thoughts:87
Speaking Skills:68
Overall merit:69
MS office
Love and master football, can play basketball, can play table tennis, can play guitar, like rap
Please find my video at :

Dear Host Company, As a student majoring in English at YiBin university .I would like to further my personal and professional education by participating in a Summer Work and Travel Program in the USA. Foreign relations are an important component of my studies and this opportunity would enable me to learn more about American life and culture and utilize the English language on a professional level.
I used to do two part-time jobs, one as a hotel waiter and the other as a restaurant waiter. From both jobs I learned how to do my daily work correctly and efficiently, and I learned how to avoid mistakes in my work. When working as a hotel waiter, I was mainly responsible for cleaning and also the front desk. I am a hardworking person, I will complete the work step by step, not too high. Strive to do every job well and strive for greater benefits for employers. I am a person who is willing to endure hardships, and I am willing to learn from hardships to make up for my shortcomings and maximize the benefits for employers.
As an English major student, I have a certain ability to communicate in English, and I have the ability to work together and work together. I have participated in the English communication training in the school, and I often exchange and study with the students from the English-speaking countries.In my previous educational and personal experiences, I have proved that my abilities are loyal, creative, flexible, organized and punctual. I am a friendly and open person. I like to work with all kinds of people. I like working in groups as well as working alone. I will also learn new skills and applications. I like all kinds of activities in my personal life. I am a member of an active political group.
In my daily life, I like sports and am helpful. I am a member of the school football
team and have won many honors for the school. And I also like to participate in volunteer services. I have participated in marathon volunteer activities and won the honor of outstanding volunteers.
As you can see from my resume, I know several languages, including English. Travel and language are my very important hobbies. And I think travel and language will be of great help to my life.
I am a cautious and careful person at work. I have learned a lot in my previous part-time experience. I will also apply the work experience I have learned to work. I can endure hardships and work down to earth.If I am fortunate to be hired by you, I will work hard and will repay your recognition for me.
I hope to travel and study in this summer season. I can gain experience through your company.
Best wishes.
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