Special Personnel for Special Game

Golf is the way of life. It impressed Winston Churchill by its elegance and aesthetic. With five-century history Golf has a perfect public image. That’s why American Golf Clubs select their personnel carefully.

Typical difficulty they encounter is lack of experience and inability to deal with a Golf course. Besides collective is supposed to communicate with intelligent, highly educated people. So the workers themselves must have high cultural level and it’s not always possible.

To save classic Golf traditions every person in Golf Club must fulfill his or her duties perfectly. Ground keepers, guest hosts, waiters must be a hardworking team full of positive energy. Psychological researches show these characteristics are inherent in young people as students are.

Best Teams from Jobofer.org

One of our key specializations is providing American Golf Clubs with seasonal personnel. Students with J1 Visa participating in Work and Travel Program have proven they are best workers for Golf Clubs. Young and well-educated, they show their diligence and responsibility.

You can rely on seasonal staff in such works as Golf course maintenance, assisting players, car hosting, room services, meal services, Golf shop sales and many other duties. Students from 15 countries are between 18 and 28 and they already have positive characteristics from our partners.

Candidates are selected according to your criteria. They are ready to be employed in Golf Clubs up to four months.

Seasonal personnel is able to provide all services for comfortable Golf. After cooperation with Jobofer.org Golf companies become our constant partners. Urgent temporary work, seasonal games, lack of costs for constant personnel hiring – you may have different reasons to search for seasonal staff. But you should trust professionals as Jobofer.org is. Connect with us now and select your qualified seasonal personnel.

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