Looking for hard-working maintenance staff? Seasonal hiring is the answer!

If you run a facility which requires maintenance work done on a regular basis, you may know what a shortage of maintenance workers feels like in summer. More customers start coming, and you want your facility to run as smooth as it is only possible. Typically, there is a certain amount of minor repairs, cleaning, and inspection to be done whatever kind of venue you operate. Seasonal hiring helps you concentrate on strategic business decisions and perfect customer service.

Focus on the important things while all the maintenance work is done by hard-working, energetic, responsible exchange students! These seasonal workers are ready to fulfill all the maintenance duties you may require, including:

Let things run smooth! Keep your facility in order by hiring seasonal employees!

Seasonal employment done the way means that with an extensive database of qualified, pre-selected candidates provided by us you will never have any trouble filling your maintenance vacancies. There is not much to be done to start: inform us about your specific needs and requirements concerning your future maintenance personnel, and the rest will be done by us. From the massive database of students coming to the US under the J1 visa, we will select exactly the seasonal workers most suitable for your business.

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