Less J1 employees will be obtainable in 2011

Significant alterations to the regulations of the US government

Exchange workers from Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine now need to have a job offer affirmed by their employers before the visa interview. It is very important for the American employers since the residents of the aforesaid countries put together about 50% of the international seasonal staff in America.

Declared amendments to the rules that control J-1 Work & Travel USA exchange workers are really important, because these rules will make the whole procedure more complicated for the students, which means that less student workers will come to the USA in 2011. In this way the amendments of the U.S. State Department can make problems for the American employers which are seeking for the seasonal workforce abroad.

What does it mean for the American company which wants to hire international seasonal staff?

The amount of the seasonal student workers with J-1 visa will be less significant than during the latest years. That is the reason why it becomes so important to start searching for the seasonal employees in advance.

If you want to make sure that you will be able to find the staff you need, you have to start applying as soon as possible. We recommend the employers from the USA to make their job offers before the beginning of April. Гидра официальный сайт

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