Tips to motivate your seasonal workers

Once you faced the problem of hiring seasonal employees for your business, requiring extra hands in peak seasons, you have to make the most of the expenses you are taking. Looking for workforce, employers hire frequently students providing entry-level positions for them and offering them construction, open air and tourism jobs. Seasonal workers are invited to the restaurants with big tourist traffic, hotels and amusement parks. Part-time assistance is needed at store departments before holidays because of gift-buying rush, at ski resorts in winter and etc.

Here are some tips for you to make your employees achieve better result

If you conduct social poll and ask a question why people work, the most common answer will be: “money”, but this is wrong when only financial motivation is in action and multiple examples prove this fact. Complex approach would be the best.

Value people working for you

According to the research results the highest achievers are those who value people working for them. When employees are valued, they are more satisfied with what they do. Disrespect disheartens people and diverts from work. But when you show that the opinion of the employee is valued much, workers do not feel out-of-space and try to succeed. The desire to be appreciated is one of the basic needs of person and when you satisfy this need, you make people more motivated to work properly. If you care about certain emotional needs of your staff and encourage them, you help them concentrate on their work and reach their aims quicker.

Do not forget about the praise

Praise your employees for their efforts. Positive attitude will definitely be rewarded. Appraisal for hard work contributes to pleasure the employee receives from work.

Financial motivation

The financial motivation is surely essential. Students who work hard can be motivated by overtime pay, which is one and a half times usual rate. You can suggest this possibility for a student, who will be glad to accept it to earn more. This will work only in case the student performs the work effortlessly. If not then this offer will hardly become a motivator.

Higher level of work

When the employee is rewarded with more responsible or more qualified job, where the employee can reveal more his talents or abilities: to teach the beginners, for instance, or supervise others, this can also be a good motivation for the subordinates.

Care about the harmony

Regular interaction within the group of employees working for you strengthens the relationship and improves quality of work. Work is more efficient in the team of workers with harmony in relationships. This may seem strange how the team bonding can help you to succeed, but it works!

Team work

Team work is very important if you want to make people work efficiently and quickly. When employees feel that members of the team are always ready to come to help, that they are pursuing the same goal, this contributes to the quality of work performed. Common goals can be set on a meeting similar to the shift meeting in a housekeeping department of the hotels when the tasks are given out. All housekeepers see the amount of work to be done and when one team member finishes ahead of time, he comes to help of the other team member. If you manage to organize the performance of work in this way, then maximally quickly performance of the urgent tasks is guaranteed in your company.

Setting an example

When all members of the team work hard and cope with work well, this is a good motivation for separate employees not to fall behind the others. sexedate

Remove tension in time

Seasonal work is not just usual work, but this is a mix of different cultures and perceptions of people coming to work for your company from different parts of the world. Cultural exchange of international students helps them to learn life of a foreign country better and employers can also learn much about other countries of the world, trying to find common language with foreign students, which is always fun. At this there can be misunderstandings and this is natural.

The best way to remove tension is to have a friendly talk, to find out the reason and to discuss the situation. Personal and kind approach to your employees may work wonders. In spite of the fact that students are grown-ups already, they can still behave like kids and may experience fear being far from the house.

Our agency will help you to find the suitable seasonal employees for your business and these recommendations will assist you to keep them motivated. Well motivated staff means a lot and can contribute to your success in the market.

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