Max Bet Casinos: The best casinos with no wagering restrictions

Game fun only works when rules are established. This is why the so-called Maxbet rule has existed in some online casinos for many years . This has gained in "sharpness", especially in the recent past, as it will be significantly tightened for German players in the future. More and more players are therefore already looking for casinos without Max Bet. The good news: These providers exist. In the following you will find out which casinos without Max Bet are recommended and what the Maxbet rule exactly is.

Casinos without Max Bet: Everything you need to know at a glance

Maxbet rule: what is it exactly?

The Maxbet rule is, in a sense, a double-edged sword. At least for all players who come from Germany. This rule is not entirely new in online casinos . In most cases, however, the default relates to the casino bonus. In the classic sense, the bonus conditions specify a maximum stake for freeing up the bonus offer. This max bet is for fair play, so that all customers have an equal chance of clearing the bonus. Seen in this way, the casinos without Max Bet are without providers where you can place stakes as high as you want around your bonus.

In the last few months, however, this rule has become more prominent again. Not necessarily with a view to the bonus offers, but primarily through the German State Treaty on Gambling. A new state framework will apply from summer 2021 , which will then also introduce a new betting limit. From now on, players can only place a max bet of one euro per round. From this point of view, the casinos without Max Bet are providers that do not have a stake limit of one euro. These providers are therefore often referred to as casinos with no 1 euro limit .

For which games does the Maxbet rule apply?

Basically, all games in a provider's portfolio are affected by the Maxbet rule . These are mainly slot machines. At least when it comes to providers with a future license from Germany. These companies have to remove all other games apart from slot machines from their portfolio. Live casinos and co. Will then not exist with a German license. Important to know : The Maxbet rule also overrides the individual maximum stakes of the slot machines. Even if higher stakes are theoretically possible there, these cannot be placed due to the rule.

By the way: You should not confuse the Maxbet rule with the general betting limits of a casino . Even if a provider acts as a casino without Max Bet, there is a bet limit. This means that you cannot place stakes of any size. At some point in every game the “betting limit” falls. In many cases, enormous stakes of several hundred or thousand euros per game round are possible.

Restriction of use & other requirements by the new State Treaty on Gambling

The casinos without a 1 euro limit are delighted with great popularity. No wonder: Hardly any player wants to be dictated how much money he can bet per game round. In fact, however, further restrictions will be set up by the upcoming State Treaty on Gambling . You can see below which, among other things, belong to this.

Autoplay abolition

The popular autoplay function is to be abolished in online casinos . Players use these primarily for the sake of convenience. With the autoplay, the roller rotations are carried out automatically. Players do not have to set the reels in motion with their clicks every round.

Deposit limits

The deposit limits will also be limited in the future. A rule that casinos without Max Bet will not be affected by it. Players in Germany can then wager a maximum of 1,000 euros per month in the online casinos. A sum that should be enough for the majority of the players. In view of this requirement, however, the high rollers in particular work up a sweat and are therefore even more oriented towards casinos without Max Bet.

5 second rule

The introduction of the 5-second rule is also causing a lot of trouble in gaming circles. This states that a game round must now last at least five seconds . In this way the game should be delayed. In practice, however, the rule is primarily a hindrance and not conducive to gaming fun. How good that you can usually play in the casinos without Max Bet without any delays in the game rounds.

Game selection restriction

As already mentioned, the selection of games in the German online casinos is also significantly restricted. Only slot machines and slots are allowed . All other games may not be offered by private online casinos. Annoying for all roulette fans and fans of other table games.

Data acquisition

In future, players in German online casinos will have to allow their data to be recorded thoroughly . For example, a central database is to be used in which the players' deposits are checked across the providers. This has to be implemented in this way, as otherwise the monthly limit of 1,000 euros would not be checked. Since the casinos without Max Bet usually do not implement the monthly limit, you do not have to fear a "data octopus" with these providers.

Are casinos without a 1 euro limit and Maxbet rule legal?

The situation in the gambling market is confused and difficult to see through. The future State Treaty on Gambling should change that. So far, the casinos with no 1 euro limit are completely legal. The prerequisite for this is an official license from a European regulatory authority. The majority of all casinos without Max Bet can show such a license. With the introduction of the new gaming contract, however, these providers could be pushed out of the market. For example, the introduction of network blocking is being discussed. With these, the authorities could restrict access to the casinos without Max Bet in the future.