CherryPop Online Slots With Demo Free Play

Play a slot machine CherryPop from the company Yggdrasil Gaming can be in demo mode, completely free of charge. CherryPop slot has a payout percentage of 96.14%, 5 spinning reels, 243 - 59,049 paylines. There is a bonus game, there are freespins, no Wild symbol, no Scatter symbol, and there is a multiplier. Play the slot machine CherryPop can be in automatic mode, there is a mode of "Fast spin.

Slot machine CherryPop (CherryPop) with a fruit theme and mechanics of PopVins from the manufacturer Avatar UX.

CherryPop slot joined the series of games with the mechanism PopVince, and became the third slot machine in which it is used. The first two were PopRocks and WildPops, and what awaits us in CherryPop let's find out.

Avatar UX is back with the third presentation of their innovative PopWins mechanic. The previous releases never managed to get the attention they might have deserved, and we think it might be because of the vague Asian themes. Judging by the glossy look of this release, clearly inspired by fruit slot machines, it looks like the Cherry Pop slot is an attempt to break into the mainstream. 

The math model is somewhere in the middle of the previous two releases, but the potential of the 56 386x is still far greater than most slots.

The default rilset takes the standard 5x3, but that soon changes once you start playing. Each win is followed by a PopWins mechanic that removes winning symbols and splits empty positions on the reels into two for cascading replenishment. This is really the only thing that happens here in the main game, as there are no wilds or other features to come to the rescue as in the previous release. Over time, this absence makes the main game a bit dry, and remember that it may take a while before the all-important bonus round is activated.

Visually, the game is quite pleasing to the eye, but Avatar UX really needs to do something about the speed. Waiting to fill empty positions takes too long, which we pointed out in the flaws of the previous release. A fast play option would not be out of place, but a general tempo change and fine-tuning is recommended here to make the next game more technically satisfying. The main highlight here is the bonus round, which comes with an expanded set of reels and the ability to lock in a 5x9 grid with a progressive win multiplier.

What are the bonus features here?

Cherry Pop slot is much more than just another game that looks like a glossy fruit machine, as the features here are by no means ordinary. This game is very similar to sweet bonanza slot machine in its bonus functionality. Perhaps you have already tested the previous game with PopWins from this developer, and in that case you know what the main feature is. In any case, we will tell you everything from the very beginning.

Every time you get a winning combination, the PopWins mechanics come into play. Winning symbols will be removed from the grid and empty positions will be split in half. This effectively expands the reel set, and the doubled empty positions on the reels are filled with new symbols. The reels can be enlarged from the usual 3 rows in height in the main game to 6 rows. The process continues as long as you keep winning, and then the reelset returns to the standard 5x3.

Freespins in Cherry Pop

To trigger the free spins bonus round in this game, you need to expand all 5 reels to a maximum height of 6 rows. This gives you 5 free spins to start, but you can increase that number even before the bonus round starts. To do this, you spin the Wheel of Fortune, where you can win up to 11 additional spins. However, you also run the risk of losing everything here and returning to the main game with nothing.

You'll benefit quite a bit from the progressive win multiplier, which starts at 2x, and each PopWin will increase the multiplier by 1 in the bonus round. There is no upper limit to how big this multiplier can be, and all PopWin also double the positions of winning symbols on the reels, just like in the main game. The difference is that the default reelset here is expanded to a 5x6 grid, while the PopWins feature can expand each row up to 9 symbols in height.

If you manage to expand all 5 rows to the maximum height, the progressive multiplier is increased by 3. What's more, each new PopWin on a fully expanded set of reels increases the win multiplier by 4, not 1. Right now you're playing with 59,049 ways to win, but there are actually twice as many because of the ability to win in both directions. On non-winning spins, the reels are reset only to the height of the shortest row, not completely.

Avatar UX Studios decided to include a bonus purchase option in the Cherry Pop slot, so getting a bonus round at any time will cost you 75 times the current bet. Of course, this option is not available in all jurisdictions, and UK players cannot buy the bonus round.

Play CherryPop slot machine for free

In the CherryPop slot machine, the main action takes place on five reels and 243 lines. But thanks to the payouts in both directions, the original number of ways is 486. In addition, with the PopVince engine when you get a win, the symbols present in it disappear, giving two new ones to take their place, increasing the height of the reels and thus the number of ways.

In the slot CherryPop (CherryPop) can be played on all devices, selecting a rate of 0.20 to 40 eur per spin. You can play in manual or avomatic mode. RTP in CherryPop is 96.14%. The coincidence rate is 22%, so on average you can expect to win about once every 4-5 spins. The maximum win in CherryPop is x56.386.

Unfortunately, there are no special characters in a slot machine CherryPop (CherryPop), but it has no effect on the gameplay, and all the bonus features are started in a different way.

Bonus features of the CherryPop slot machine

PopWins feature - is the main feature with which you can increase the height of the rows, as well as the number of ways to form winnings. This happens when you get a winning combination, after which the symbols involved in it are not just removed from the playing field, and make room for two new symbols. As a result, you will have the opportunity to expand the playing field to a 5x6 format, thereby increasing the number of ways to form winnings.

Free Spins feature - activated when all five reels reach the maximum height of 6 rows. Then three different levels of free spins are waiting for you (which one is available to you you will find out with the wheel). These can be:

Free Spins start with a multiplier of x2, and each PopWin will increase its value by one and expand the reels, as in the main game, but now their height can be up to 9 rows. If you manage to increase all the reels to the maximum size, you will immediately get a threefold multiplier increase and any subsequent PopWins will increase the multiplier by 3 times instead of one.

The maximum number of ways you can win in free spins is 59,049 if you consider paying both ways.

And the last thing that awaits you is the purchase of free spins, for 75 times the bet, you will get instant access to free spins.

All in all, CherryPop is another quality slot machine in the PopWins series, created by Yggdrasil Gaming together with AvatarUX, with maximum payouts of 56.386 times your bet.

Review Summary

CherryPop walks the tightrope of a golden mean between the previous two releases. The first game in the series had insane potential and the same volatility, while the second game was more indulgent due to the presence of wilds that supported cascades. CherryPop has very solid potential at 56 386s, and the game itself is probably tougher than the second game.

There's no main game feature to help you out here, and it can take a while to trigger the bonus round. The big difference is that you can now buy the bonus round if you don't want to wait, but this option is not available to UK players. The classic fruit visuals tend more toward the mainstream than previous releases, but we think the game noticeably lacks more fine-tuning and adequate gameplay speed, otherwise PopWins mechanics will soon be forced to pop their own cherry out of annoyance.