Deposit and withdrawal with trading account

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Are you ready to invest real money? (Provided you have practiced trading in the demo account) You feel confident in trading? - Then you can make your first deposit to the trading account.

Use well-known payment methods at Exness deposit method for this, such as bank transfer, credit card, online banking, PayPal and more. The account can be capitalized in real time and you can start trading directly. However, before depositing, the account must be fully verified. The broker will explain all the necessary steps for this.

Many brokers do not require a minimum deposit at all or only a small one of 100-200€ for real money account opening. Position sizes can be chosen among others so that only little money is risked.

Take advantage of fee-free deposits and withdrawals:

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Hedging risk to earn money sustainably

Let us come to the most important issue for the trader. The risk of a trading transaction must be calculated precisely. It is always determined by the position size and the corresponding stop loss. I recommend a trader to always work with a stop loss. It is an automatic loss limit. Thus, you limit the possible loss.

How much money should I invest per trade?

Professional fund managers and traders use 1 - 2% of the total capital per position. However, the risk  can vary according to preferences. In the end, the trader always decides for himself what risk he wants to take. A sensible risk management of 1 - 2% of the total capital is a very good choice, because several losing trades in a row will not put an extreme strain on the account.

A trader will always have fluctuations in his performance. To be 100% right is not possible. One always trades only with probabilities and losses belong to it. It is also important that you are not discouraged by losses but continue to follow his concept.

Use these tools for risk management:

The stop loss also allows you to hedge profits or money. If a position is in profit and you want to secure a partial profit, you can tighten the stop loss to any price.