The Results of the Year 2008

The Work and Travel USA program is extremely popular in Russia and Eastern European countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Moldova, Croatia etc) and its popularity continue to increase. According to official returns, the number of W&T participants in 2004 from Russia only was 9,3 thousand, in 2007 – 27 thousand. More than 30 thousand Russian students visited USA in summer 2008. The General Consul of the USA Embassy in Moscow stated, that the number of the students, leaving for the USA each summer, is expected to increase up to 40 thousand. In order to reach that, the White House has worked out a number of measures to make easier the process of getting the J1 Visas for the students. Beginning from March 2008, Russian students can get visas 120 days before the travel (earlier the term was 90 days). The kids are also allowed to come to the US 45 days before the program starts instead of the past 30 days.

Seasonal hiring will hit the spot!

Lifeguards The students are glad to use the possibility of seeing the world and making some money. According to the statistics, approximately 30% of the participants earn $4000-5000 for the whole season (four months approximately). The average salary for Work and Travel participant in 2008 was about $8,5 per hour. At the same time 42% of the students worked 60-80 hours a week; 37% were occupied for 40-60 hours. The majority of the students try to find the second or even the third job in addition to the basic one. Their main purpose is to work off the money spent on the program ($2,1 thousands approximately) and to earn some savings for traveling during the last week or two of staying in the USA.

What concerns the geographical factor, nothing can compete with the ocean coasts (both Atlantic and Pacific). MD, VA, NJ, DE, FL, CA, ME are traditionally the most required places. Anyway, the kids returning from other states are usually as glad and delighted as those who were near the ocean.

Benefit from seasonal hiring during summer

Our company helps the American business to satisfy its needs in seasonal staff by matching the US employers and international students. We have a database offering a wide choice of working places in every state of the USA. Students select a job according to their skills and interests and apply for a job offer. If they meet the employer’s requirements and the negotiations are successful, we get a job offer for them and provide the students with working place and the employer – with summer workers.

The students are able to occupy entry-level positions. The most popular vacancies are usually the positions of

Less popular are technical workers and maintenance, also it is difficult to find staff for carnivals. But we usually satisfy the majority of the applications that we get from American employers. The number of the students is great that’s why every employer finds his employee finally. Our company has helped more than 170 American companies in 2008, which hired more than 450 students from different countries.

Fill your positions with international workers

International students are known as hard-working, responsible and communicative kids. Usually we have only positive references about them from the American side. US employers appreciate their politeness and neatness. All the participants are the students of different universities and have high cultural level.

Our company guides the employers all the time beginning from the moment of their applying and till they get the student at their places. We have professional coordinators that will help and give an advice in any situation. We do not leave our partners face-to-face with hiring problems - if there’re any.

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The Work and Travel program is a great fortune for the contemporary youth. It brings a lot of profits: traveling, work experience, meeting new people, earning money and checking personal independence and maturity. We know that all our students come back in a state of total happiness about what they’ve seen and experienced.

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